Haley Burke DVM

Dr. Burke joined the staff at Alford Ave Veterinary Hospital in December 2010. Like Dr. Friddle, she enjoys seeing birds, but she also loves treating any of the other interesting exotic pets you can think of, from guinea pigs and iguanas to tarantulas and pigs. She draws the line at primates and venomous snakes. She’s also actively involved with the Alabama Wildlife Center, the Alabama 4H Center and Oak Mtn. She is definitely a cat person, and loves her one-eyed Siamese named Odin. She has a new puppy, a Cardigan Welsh Corgi named Wally. She brings him to work along with shy Mary Jane (her husband’s dog) and Donut (her son’s Jack Russell terrier). Many clients have seen the tiny terror of Donut, who looks adorable but is not to be trusted. She obtained her Fear Free certification in 2020. She regularly performs house calls to help families say goodbye to their pets and finds it to be one of the most meaningful parts of her job.

Dr. Burke lives in Bluff Park with her son Benjamin (born in October 2014) as well as her husband Adam (also a vet) and their menagerie, which in addition to the dogs and cat, includes a double-yellow headed Amazon named Oliver, a corn snake named Stanley and George the turtle. Dr. B loves reading and gardening, enjoys the occasional triathlon or half-marathon, and has the most fun doing, strangely enough, country western ballroom dancing, which we think she's phenomenal at!